The course main target is to increase the general theoretical skills of Security Driver, improve driving ability in various situations (EB techniques, Reverse & Forward 180’s, High Speed Driving) on different road conditions(asphalt, off road) and check up the best vehicles. Our training is desired for serious individuals aspiring for excellence in driving.


§  Role and responsibilities of the Security Driver

§  Introduction to Security driving

§  Physics – forces operating on a vehicle

§  Vehicle structure

§  Steering Wheel Management

§  Proper Body Position

§  Direction change [j-turn, u-turn]

§  Emergency Braking Techniques – ABS and non-ABS

§  Recovering from emergency situation

§  Introduction to 4wd systems

§  4wd vehicle familiarization

§  4wd security driving

§  Road barriers and obstacles

§  Planning and choosing routes and roads

§  Avoiding dangers and threats