Private Military Security


The main target of this unique training is to prepare military / law enforcement individuals and security personnel for protective operations in hostile environment (Africa, Central/Southern America, Cauca’s and Middle East). The Training will provide maximum of realistic scenarios created by international security experts and will give opportunity to acquaint oneself with different type of weapons or equipment indispensable in high risk countries.


§  Advanced weapon skills 

§  Convoy Arrivals / Departures

§  Basic land warfare and force-on-force attack drills

§  Convoy and Motorcade procedures

§  Route selection and attack recognition

§  Counter sniper

§  IED recognition

§  High risk urban movement – SWAT tactics

§  Foreign weapon familiarization

§  High risk foot formations

§  High risk advanced work

§  Radio procedures

§  Unarmed combat

§  Paramedical response in High Risk conditions

§  Low-light tactics (Low-light shoot)

§  Final examination