Maritime Security Operative


The main target of this training program is to provide the student with all necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to perform the duties of the ship security officer or the operator of the marine safety in accordance with international procedures. In addition, students will have the opportunity to take part in the module "live vessel operations" that will allow them to understand better the specificity of the maritime sector and the role of the operator of the marine safety.


§  the Pirate Issue and it’s development in the recent Years

§  equipment used by the pirates tactics PAG activity (Piracy Armed Group)

§  equipment and facilities for the protection and defense vessels

§  passive and active defense

§  procedures under ship borne

§  ship security plan

§  ISPS Code and other documents relating to the protection of the vessel

§  the security architecture in the area of High Risk

§  Case studies: Goa, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean

§  the specificity of ship structures

§  tactical operations on the vessel

§  procedures of the work of security team on board

§  various ROE samples used by the Armed Vessel Protection Team