It is an integrated training system, created with the view of law enforcement officers and security agents who wish to gain complementary practice knowledge and training within the 'Business' and 'Dignitary' areas of Close Protection. It includes two thematically connected courses: Close Protection Basic and Close Protection Operative, includes the overall knowledge within Executive Protection area, and it's training programme is based on the total R.A.P.I.D. Methodology.


§  Principles of close protection

§  Introduction to threat assessment and risk analysis

§  Protection formations 

§  Hello Arrivals / Departures

§  Dress code and etiquette

§  Low profile security and tactics

§  Open hand defensive tactics

§  Paramedical response

§  Unarmed combat

§  Tactical Firearms 

§  Route selections

§  Elements of Close Protection Team

§  Cover and evacuation drills live fire 

§  Principles of close protection – review

§  Protective formations 

§  Concealed firearms and tactical firearms

§  Low light shooting

§  Advance work

§  Advance work; surveys, preparation and planning – exercise

§  Team Leader; roles, responsibilities

§  Radio communications

§  Motorcade procedures

§  The use of firearms combined with vehicle

§  Arrival and departure drills

§  Advanced attack drills using force on force (FX Simmunition)

§  Final training exercise: IN TOWN EXCERICSE – training in realistic every day situation

§  Careers, Networking