Active Shooter Pistol


The main aim of this course is to upgrade and develop knowledge and skills in the use of the pistols. Training contains 100% of the practical training on the shooting range or in a separate exercise with the use of FX Simunition. Course focuses on particular emphasis on tactical shooting, to identify and eliminate hazards.


§  Safety

§  Characteristics of the pistol

§  Maintenance of the pistol

§  Dynamic shooting tactics

§  Tactical situation drills:

§  Shooting positions – basic, kneeling, layingShooting during movement

§  Shooting during movement

§  Shooting with covers

§  Shooting under time pressure

§  Shooting qualification tests: FBI, Air Marshal, IDPA

§  Tactical scenarios with the use of FX Simunition

WEAPONS: GLOCK 17 / Beretta 98-FS / Walter P99

METHODS: Extensive range time.

AMMUNITION: 200 Bullets per person

SKILL PEREQUISITES: PDS Tactical Pistol Basic and Advanced.