Tactical Pistol Basic


This course is for the individual who is unfamiliar with weapons procedures or needs to develop safe weapon handling skills and a solid foundation of basic shooting skills. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of shooting and how they apply to accuracy. The student will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase their skill level with their handgun. Students will leave with a good understanding of shooting fundamentals.


§  Safety

§  Characteristics of the pistol

§  Maintenance of the pistol

§  Gear placement

§  Fundamentals of shooting

§  Ready positions

§  Drawing from the holster

§  Reloads and malfunctions

§  Recoil management

§  Multiple shots

§  Multiple targets

§  Shooting positions

§  Tactical use of cover

§  Standing and walking TURNS

§  Shooting on the move

§  Strong hand only shooting

§  Support hand only shooting